Bacterial cellulose costume for the scenic arts

Costume design & Art direction:
Beatriz Suárez
Photographer: Kira Ramírez
Model: Daniela Arzarello

This is a personal research about alternative materials for costume design. In this project
was studied the aesthetic and performative qualities of a biotextile made from kombucha tea.
The capability of this biodegradable material to offer many different textures, shapes and
opacities that change after being in contact with water, make it interesting to be investigated
in the costume design field, as it uses surfaces as a powerful way for expression.
The costume was made for a specific narrative for a dance scene, alluding to concepts such
as metamorphosis, ephemerality and impermanence; when the costume was exposed to water,
lost its rigidity, the texture changed, started to lose its natural red dye colour and
gained thicknesses; it was transformed, adhered tightly to the body, showing areas of transparency;
it looked like (and felt) like skin, enabling a greater freedom of movements and comfort to the performer.

2022 ICTDSSP, 16 th International Conference on Theatre Design, Set and Scenic Production Conference, Oral presentation of the Journal Paper, Full text article: Properties of Bacterial Nano Cellulose for scenic arts, Denmark, Copenhagen
2021 BID 9 th Ibero-American Design Biennial Exhibition, organized by Madrid Designers Association (Di_mad). Photographic Exhibition: Properties of Bacterial Cellulose for the Scenics Arts, Madrid, Spain
2021 ICNF 5 th International Conference on Natural Fibers, Materials of the future, Fibrenamics. Oral presentation of the Journal Paper, Abstract: Properties of Bacterial Cellulose for the Scenics Arts, Madeira, Portugal